Fear that a ‘star’ of the Premier League lives as a homosexual: ” I will be crucified ” – Ten

Homosexuality in football is still a major taboo subject today. There were no major league players who openly declared their sexual orientation, as the Germans did at the time. Thomas Hitsspelker.

Footballers from all over the world came out of the closet

Many do not do that because they believe that they will be suppressed by the consequences of their announcement. One of the few statements he makes is a “figure” of the Premier League on the map The sun.

The British media does not reveal the identity of the player, but promises that he is a “star” and collects some expressions that reflect the pain he is living by this situation today.

“We’re in 2021, and I have to be free to tell everyone who I am, but to some fans it looks like we’re in the 80s,” the footballer begins.

He admits he is “proud” of being gay, but is afraid to go public. “I want to be open with people because I am who I am and I am proud. But it is true that I will be crucified,” he admitted in a shocking confession.

Sladen Ibrahimovic is a former footballer who kisses in the mouth

The issue is affecting the footballer as he claims to have “sought professional psychological help” to rectify the situation.

When I play, I think the fans can guess it, they will judge me. Can you tell from the clothes I wear off the field? It has affected me so much mentally. This is scary.

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