Modacua and Vida were goalless on Marcelo Dinoco de Donley on the second day of the Clausura!


Minute by minute of life VS. Motagua

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Get out! Jesse Mongota joins the right and takes a shot that goes to the side of the post. Modagua is trying it at 61 years old.

59 ‘ Morera is trying to get the “Pipo” Lopez storage center to focus on the remote post that takes it to Auschwitz. But the game did not take Argentina’s place.

57 ‘ Throwing in favor of Vida. Coconut trees are trying to shake off the pressure that the blues are paying last time.

52 ‘ Roger admitted to throwing Modagua to get attention after slapping Sander in the face.

Changes in Motagua: Diego Rodriguez and Jesse Moncota enter Franco Olego and Evan Lopez.

Start the second part! Modagua 0-0 career at Marcelo Dino Stadium in Donley.

End of first half: Modagua and Vida draw 0-0 at Marcelo Dino Stadium in Danley.

39 ‘ Free kick in favor of Vida due to a mistake made by Texas against Agamemnon. Osorio charges and Marcelo Santos gets an aggressive foul.

Get out! In the second post of Osorio’s free kick, Pena failed to connect properly with his head. Personal life at 37 years old.

Near! “Pipo” Lopez’s free kick taken by ASCII at Olego connecting distance. But the game did not count to an advanced level in the 34th minute.

32 ‘ Rugier controls Alexander Aguilar’s hot shot and plays now.

27 ‘ Edson Palacios, who was hit in the head in a ball dispute, is lying on the grass. He is already receiving medical treatment.

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Near! Bernadette’s center from the left forces Omar Elvir to join the center and destroy before the opponent’s arrival. Stored in Motagua 26.

20 ‘ Free kick taken by Michael Osorio, looking for a header from a teammate, but the ball reached Rugier’s hands without any problems.

17 ‘ Olego wanted to connect Morera’s center from the right, but goalkeeper Roberto Lopez had no problem with the ball.

Near! Agames sees Rugier coming out and takes a wide shot in the 13th minute.

11 ‘ Alexander Aguilar made a corner shot in support of Vida accusing him in the second post of denying the protection of the hurricane.

Get out! Going to the heights was filmed by Alexander Aguilar. Life also begins to try to deal with damage in the 8th minute.

Near! Shot taken by Roberto “Pipo” Lopez without any problems from the front of Juan Delcado. Motagua test in 3 minutes.

Start the game! Mottagua vs. Life at the Marcelo Dino Stadium in Donley.

3:55 PM Clubs jump on the lawn of Marcelo Dinoco. Tribute to the defender and the start of the game is about to begin.

3:50 PM Clubs are already in the dressing room. Today defender Juan Pablo Montes will receive a tribute to his 400 games.

3:36 PM Coconut players warm up. Both teams will complete pre-match tasks soon.

3:29 PM The Modagua and Vida teams are already hot. Texas is playing as a center pack today.

11th of Motagua Jonathan Rogier, Wesley DeCas, Osmer Gonzalez, Marcelo Santos, Omar Elvir, Juan Delcado, Evan Lopez, Diego Aski, Roberto Morera, Angel Tejoda and Franco Olego. DD Diego Vasquez.

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11th of life: Roberto Lopez, Edwin Palacios, Denis Melendez, Juan Pablo Montes, Michael Osorio, Sergio Pena, Roger Sander, Marvin Bernardes, Alexander Aguilar, Anthony Garcia and Rafael Agames. DT: Fernando Mira.

3:00 PM Welcome to Life vs Game by the minute. Motagua at Sipeno Stadium.

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