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The Vera-Scuderi Collection, Aranduvera Open Digital Library and AranduBook Publishing Solutions organize the first edition of the Prometheus national science fiction contest.

The call is open to all Paraguayan citizens of legal age who, at the start date of this call, have not yet published, by themselves or by third parties, any work in any format.

The opening of the delivery of works will begin on January 25 and runs until April 25 at 11:30 p.m. While the award date for the 10 best works in the contest will be next May, as reported. The contest has cash prizes of G. 1,500,000 for first place and G. 500,000 for second place, as well as trophies, certificates and the publication of an anthology of the ten best stories considered by the jury of the event.

The main objective of this contest is to promote creativity, especially in the science fiction genre, with the purpose of expanding the literary category in the country, while promoting reading, writing, rhetorical analysis and the discovery of new values ​​of national letters.

All Paraguayans of legal age, whether or not they are residents of the national territory, may participate in the Prometheus First Edition science fiction short story contest.

The contestant, to be entitled to be, at the start date of the contest, must not have published, by himself or by a third party, any work of any genre, whether printed or digital, on any platform. Publications considered academic, school or student, or those promoted by writing workshops anywhere in the world are excepted.

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Each contestant may participate with only one work. In the event that a contestant sends two or more, the first sent will be taken into account for participation and the others will be eliminated immediately, without reading.

Any question that the interested party or the contestant has about the Prometheus science fiction story competition can be directed to the email [email protected].

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