Say goodbye to music? Demi Lovato will leave pop music

Famous Singer Demi Lovato He said goodbye to pop music with a photo of himself appearing in black, and six others in the same outfit, as if he were in a concert funeral rites.

And that’s when Music This is his passion and of course his main source of income, as is the new TV show he starred in.

That’s right, Demi Lovato recently said goodbye to pop music with a photo, where she appeared in black, and six people in the same outfit, making it look like a funeral.

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In fact, the singer has lost all the photos she had before 2022, so only four photos appear, where Demi Lovato looks very different with short hair and a tattoo on her head.

In November 2010, Demi Lovato announced her departure from the Jonas Brothers world tour, launching a long and tough fight against addiction to illegal substances.

According to sources close to the local media, although he has already resumed his work duties, he will be rehabilitated from time to time to monitor his health and monitor the situation closely.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old former Disney actress will continue her life like this.

For the future, it should be noted that he has many plans in mind, because although music is his passion and main source of income, there is also a new TV show in which he will act.

Funeral for my pop music “wrote Demi Lovato with a photo shared on her Instagram.

On the other hand, with the background of the rehab and the changes made by Lovato, millions of fans were worried when they saw the new photos on his official Instagram account.

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Her networks are quiet and she has not made any statement about it because, as she revealed from her surroundings, her return to that place is more about following her health than a warning signal.

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