The prosecutor asks that the legal and press secretaries of the European government be punished

1 July 2021 – 9:53 p. I am.

At the hearing, the prosecution presented government and technical evidence. The proceedings against Caesar Mauricio Velasquez, the former press secretary of the Narino Council, and Edmundo del Castillo, the former legal secretary, are presented as a conspiracy to discredit the Supreme Court in 2007.

The prosecutor’s office has asked 56 criminal judges to convict former Presidential Secretary Caesar Mauricio Velasquez and former Legal Secretary Edmundo del Castillo, who were charged in 2007 with contempt of the Supreme Court. Conflicts over investigations into discrepancies between the CEO and the High Court preceded the presidency of Alvaro Uribe Welles by those under investigation.

Omar Bernal, the attorney in the case, presented the claim and assured that the evidence showed that he intended to take illegal action to discredit the court judges. According to him, there was an alliance between former officials of the Alvaro European government, the Department of Passive Administrative Security (DAS) and the Financial Information and Analysis Division (UIAF).

The lawsuit was filed against former European government officials because in 2008, during Alvaro’s second presidency of Europe, they hatched a conspiracy against then-Supreme Court Deputy Judge Ivan Velasquez. He was the officer who coordinated the sub-political investigations in the High Court.

In the case, former paramilitary Jose Orlando Moncada, substitute Tasmania, He said in a letter from former magistrate Velasquez, urging him to testify against Europe. Eventually, it was discovered that this was a lie and Monacata’s lawyer was convicted of these incidents. Similarly, a few days before the letter appeared, former paramilitary soldier Antonio Lopez Jimenez, Work And the right hand Don Berna, He visited del Castillo and former Secretary Velasquez at Narino’s home.

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During the trial, the attorney general said, “Caesar Mauricio Velasquez Ossa, who served as the President’s press secretary, is being asked by a judge to pass sentence on citizens.” Referring to Del Castillo, he noted that “Edmundo del Castillo, the former legal secretary of the Palace of Narino, ordered an investigation against Restrepo, within the framework of the trial, which could now headline the criminal deal to hand over to the Supreme Court with great authority.”

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Similarly, the public prosecutor assured that the defendants had committed the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime. Among the evidence he presented was the testimony of former paramilitary soldier Salvador Manzuso, who issued a statement in 2016 in which he promised that European government officials had contacted him to look for evidence of alleged encounters between the former magistrate and Giorgio Sale. ‘Robber man’.

In addition, in that statement, Manchuso argued that there was an alliance between the Envicado office, presidential officials and the DAS behind the alleged plot against the court. According to him, the purpose is to be able to mount a temporary court that affects that court.

Former Secretary-General of the Presidency Bernardo Moreno has issued a statement in the European government.

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On the other hand, within this process, Edmundo del Castillo himself declared that he had fallen victim to a conspiracy after more than 10 years of investigation because the records he had made with DAS groups were before he became president. No one informed him of those actions. Similarly, he said it was a lawyer who told him to hold a meeting in Gaza de Narino, in which the mobilized alias took part. Work, Presents evidence of a plan to damage the image of former President Alvaro Uribe Welles and links him to paramilitary groups.

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