Mr. Chip fights with Fidelsen: ‘You see everything shit’

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Much Review of David Fidelsen Next Concoff Gold Cup, By calling this “useless competition” and the sole purpose of “making money”, It filled Mr. Chip’s patience, The famous Spanish politician who created the words with the Mexican journalist on social networks, in a few words – accused him of being bitter and complaining.

It all started when Jose Raman was a school spokesman for Fernandez Competed against the highest competitions in North, Central America and the Caribbean region, Especially after watching the Eurocup and the trophy in the United States.

That’s when Alexis Martin Tamayo (Mr. Chip For friends) responded on Twitter, said “Everything looks like shit to him” When it comes to Concoff, he even questioned in the media whether he had “chosen his career well”. Pitelson He replied, “He’s not going to teach you what it means to be a journalist.”.

Mr. Chip and Fidelsen’s fight

Here are the tweets exchanged between Spanish and Mexican, as they say, “We are finding cases” Gold Cup, By which Starts July 10 with the Mexican national team Most liked the title America will help the replacement team.

Cow! If you do not know, Both Fidelson and Mr. Chip are ESPN, They have practically never met in the programs.

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