Brandi Cibrian’s affair with LeAnn Rimes in Aftermath: I ‘Didn’t Cope Now’ Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville opens how much her former romance with his now-wife, LeAnn Rimes, had affected her ex-husband, Eddie cibrian. From 2001 until 2009, Glanville and Cibrian, both of them 48, were married when, in their romance with Rims, 38, which in 2011 he married, they announced their divorce. The Real Housewives of the alum of Beverly Hills stated in an op-ed for The Sun this week that “there were warning indications” that Cibrian had tricked her. However, when Glanville asked him, Cibrian would just reply she was “jealous,” but still “liked” her. Glanville had seen how the duo “attracted one another” when she visited Northern Lights in 2009 when Cibrian and Rimes filmed their Northern Lights. She stated that Glanville then discovered through the news about their romance.

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“They were kissing on the table while video recording. It’s been devastating. I went home straight, went out in my closet, yelled and wept, “She remembers. She remembered. “It wasn’t true, but I knew it was over, he was trying to convince me. They sucked each other’s fingers in the film, however, he said nothing to me. It’s been crazy. If he loved LeAnn, I asked him. He didn’t say he did—he was always willing to be with me and to seek advice on us.” Weeks after the news surfaced, Glanville found that she had also been cheated on by Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay by Cibriane — with whom she shares kids Mason Edward, 18 years old, and Jake Austin, 14. Glanville recalls that the revelation was “wild.”

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 “For a couple of months, we had always been consulting with [LeAnn] behind my back. I have been broken. I was broken. I’d probably not be here now if I didn’t have to care for my kids,’ she added. “It’s been so public. Everybody was sad for me and wanted to hug me. I wanted to punch all in the face, however. Without seeing anything about them, I couldn’t switch on the TV. She kept on, “I went one time to a soccer match, and Jake, two of whom, was sitting in her lap before they were married. In my body, I had that fury. I wanted her genuinely to kill. I wanted her. I went to her, took Jake, and stared at her. “I’m going to kill you,” she said. I’m going to do it.”

 Glanville said she “didn’t handle well” the unfaithfulness of Cibrian, saying “she was angry and drunk.” She said she was also “Once, I even wrote to him, stating how he loved me and that he did not love LeAnn—and I sent him. Out for retribution,” he added: I just wanted her to know what he said.” The two mothers claimed that the search for retribution “drew away,” but one thing helped to “move on” Glanville: to go back home. She even “hooked up” briefly with Gerard Butler, whom she said was “quite kind about photographers but very paranoid.”

 While Glanville “was so furious at Eddie to blow up,” the duo ended up in a friendly place in their post-division friendship. “I love LeAnn these days, who in 2011 married Eddie. She’s amazing, and together we’re hanging. I just pardoned her, “Glanville has written. “We’ll always be around because of the children, so why not do the best?”

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