The probability of a tropical wave bringing rain to Puerto Rico increases

A tropical wave that could bring rain to the region next weekend has increased its probability of development over the next five days to 70%, but there is no firm forecast for how it will affect Puerto Rico.

As per the 8:00 am update National Hurricane Center (NHC, in English), the system increased its probability of development to 30% in 48 hours, and it is expected to become a tropical depression later this week, west and west-northwest, in waters east of the Leeward Islands.

Meteorologist Mariangelis MarreroWorker at National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan, explained by phone New day Both the Global Forecast System (GFS) and European (ECMWF) models still show differences in what the path of this system will be.

“So far, we are more or less continuing the same pattern as the last few days, it is still far from us and the forecast is not accurate. There is still a little inconsistency in the models, which are similar for the area, but the conditions are suitable for the development of this system”, he explained.

An image with a red circle on the NHC map indicates the area most likely to form the system, but not the predicted path.

“We don’t have a firm prognosis yet because it’s so retired,” he reiterated. I urge the public to stay informed about the development of this atmospheric system through official sources. “The closer the date gets, the more accurate the forecast,” he added.

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“Rely more on official sources because, as we know, there are many unofficial pages that create stress in people, so far we don’t have to worry, but constantly review your family plans and contingency plans. Be ready for anything,” said Marrero.

Although the route is still uncertain, the Met Office is expecting rain next weekend. As the recent rain events have concentrated the soil in the metro area and the western sectors, these areas may be more susceptible to the effects of rain activities.

Regarding the forecast for the beginning of the week, the meteorologist mentioned that a tropical wave will bring rain to the region. Additionally, the concentration of particles will increase between Tuesday and Wednesday. Sahara dust.

The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season has already begun and will run until November 30. Climatically, the peak day of the season is next September 10.

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