Police once again broke up a demonstration against LUMA Energy in front of La Fortaleza

Agents Police Bureau A demonstration against, for the second time in three days, was dispersed by tear gas LUMA Energy Arranged in front of La Fortaleza in Old San Juan. Four officers were injured overnight as people threw objects.

The third day of protests began around 5:00 pm with the arrival of dozens of people demanding the cancellation of the LUMA Energy Consortium contract that has been managing the island’s electricity transmission and distribution network since last year.

Around 9.30 pm, the number of protesters increased. Uniformada noted the arrest of a 16-year-old minor who allegedly “jumped” across the security line toward the agents to “attack them.”

Contrary to the version of the uniform, videos shared on social networks show him standing with a Puerto Rican flag, not approaching the authorities. Several agents approached the young man and began pulling him violently by his clothes and legs until he was thrown to the ground.

The report alleges that the boy resisted arrest and “his actions caused confusion.”

According to written reports, police highlighted that several “threw objects, projectiles” at agents behind security fences.

At this time, authorities have not released any injuries or the name of the boy who was arrested. Both agents were taken by ambulance to receive medical attention after being hit in the face and legs by rocks and stones.

The demonstration continued until just before midnight, when a man in a vehicle started screeching its tires, causing a cloud of smoke. At that point, officers in full body armor ordered the occupants to evacuate and fired tear gas.

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The protest was called on Saturday through social media. People began arriving at the intersection of Fortaleza Street, where the Palacio de Santa Catalina, which serves as the governor’s official residence, is located. Peter PierluzziSince last year, it has been demanding the cancellation of the consortium agreement that governs the electric power transmission and distribution network.

The protest went on late into the night without major complications until the police complained of aggression against their agents.

Last Thursday’s demonstration culminated in several arrests after protesters began throwing objects at police officers assigned to secure the area. Officers were attacked with bottles, stones and other objects, so around 9:00 PM, they threw smoke bombs and pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

During the police operation, videos were captured of agents beating protesters and assaulting a duly identified photojournalist from Noticelle Media.

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