Unusual TikTok challenge caused two car brands to be stolen 767% more

They explain in the networks how to start manufacturing cars between 2011 and 2021 with a phone battery or a USB cable.

In recent days it was reported that South Korean companies Will ask Hyundai and Kia for review 281447 Vehicles in the United States to address a malfunction affecting the trailer hitch system that could lead to short circuits and fires.

However, this was not the news that put both brands at the center of the scene, but how Their cars have been the target of multiple thefts.

This is a challenge that has gone viral tik tok In recent months it has caused a 767% increase in the number of Hyundai and Kia cars stolen in them Chicago, Reported to the police department of that American city.

Kia cars, one of the brands that suffered the most from the TikTok challenge.

According to local media reports, a series of videos posted on the social network show Internet users how to start cars of these brands. Using a phone charger Or a USB cable instead of the dongle.

This situation, the authorities say, has prompted many young people to implement the technologies that are being shared on the Internet. This car was stolen opportunity crime It can affect any member of the community.”

According to official data, between July 1 and the first half of August 2021, – 74 Kia ​​and Hyundai cars stolen. While the number reached 642 in the same period this year, which represents an increase of 767%.

Hyundai is the other brand that has suffered greatly from theft of its models.
Hyundai is the other brand that has suffered greatly from theft of its models.
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“This is one A very worrying trend And the public must know so that they are vigilant and protect themselves,” Cook County Commander, Tom DartIn light of the increasing number of stolen cars.

The authorities indicate that this practice was widespread in various states of the country Teenagers and young adults They are likely to commit this crime.

Earlier this month, a group of boys aged 14-17 years old 2021 Kia Forte stole In St. Paul, Minnesota, police led in a chase on the highway with patrol cars and a helicopter. The car crashed when the driver attempted to dodge a pole. They were all arrested.

The problem occurs due to the lack of an immobilizer on some models of the year prior to 2022, especially 2011-2021 Kias and 2015-2021 Hyundais equipped with ignition that require mechanical keys.

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