The President of Guatemala has rejected allegations of corruption in the DR

The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giamattei, On Wednesday denied allegations of alleged acts Corruption Arises in the Dominican Republic, which connects him with the brother of former local president Danilo Medina (2012-2020), Alexis Medina.

“It is important to remember that criminal liability is personal, so President Giomatte separates himself from any charges against third parties.”
The government has pointed out when asked by the media.

Guatemala’s Presidential Communications Secretariat points out that in 2019, President – elect Giomete traveled to the Dominican Republic. “Meet the President of that Nation”, Danilo Medina.

The same evidence points to the fact that this visit in 2019 was “a strategic agenda and the natural dynamics of the general business, diplomatic and political relations of the public office.”

“As part of this trip, on November 1 of that year, he held a meeting with then-Dominican President Danilo Medina, which was widely publicized by several media outlets, and he received him in his office,” the spokesman for Chiamate said.

“Then a meeting was held with representatives of the two delegations,” the Guatemalan government insisted, recalling the visit of the then-president-elect. Alejandro Giamattei He ‚Äúvisited other countries such as the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, Colombia, Spain, Costa Rica and Israel.

Charges in the Dominican Republic

The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic is investigating the alleged links Alexis Medina, Who is convicted and imprisoned Corruption, With politicians Guatemala, entre ellos Giammattei.

The judicial file filed by the Dominican Attorney General’s Office against Medina found links to Efe’s access this Wednesday, which is said to have led to the network of the former Dominican president’s brother. Corruption.

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The file notes that three months before the inauguration of the President of Guatemala (January 2020), he had lunch with Giamette at the end of October 2019, at a restaurant in Punta Cana, east of the Dominican Republic. “Interested in doing business” Is said to be illegal Guatemala.

The meeting was attended by Wonder Island Park executives, according to the 3,445-page indictment, which involved 26 more people. Alexis Medina Punta is in Ghana with a former presidential candidate Guatemala Manuel Baldison was jailed in the United States for money laundering.

The two “have done a lot of business related to the fuel sector, purchases in China and real estate acquisitions in the Dominican Republic,” the report added.

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The Ministry of Public Works alleges that Medina operated a network that spent 4,796 million Dominican pesos (over $ 82 million) out of public funds by obtaining millionaire contracts with various influential government agencies during the administration of Danilo Medina (2012-2020).

Alexis Medina The purpose is to “replicate” that pattern of “illegal tenders” Guatemala It is alleged that the names of those identified by the investigation, with the support of the “powerful political departments” of the country, but not included in the files “for reasons of investigation strategy”.

In this sense, the document added, “international legal cooperation is sought to investigate the purpose of the impact on the community outside the national borders.”

The Attorney General’s Office has confirmed that the network has obtained illegal agreements with the government, benefiting from Danilo Medina’s “actions and boycotts”, although it has not yet filed charges against the former Dominican president.

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Giammattei trial en Guatemala For Corruption In July, After being fired from the Ministry of Public Works by the company’s attorney general Consul Boraz, is said to have met with Russian citizens on the 23rd of the same month to provide some port benefits, as described by anti-corruption lawyer Juan Francisco Santo.

The removal of Sandoval angered the international community and the United States, which expressed frustration at the lawyer’s departure, and then in September allowed Consul Boras, the head of the public ministry, to lift his visa and ban. Entered its territory. He has been accused of “obstructing justice” in high-profile cases.

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