The political space supports Frigerio

A political space called “commitment” was expressed according to the administration of Governor Rogelio Frigerio. They reportedly held a meeting. “We have begun to map out the actions that we will implement during the year. As a starting point, we met in order to communicate and reflect on the first months of the regional and national government. In this sense we express our support and conviction in the path chosen for the province. Our space of commitment shares and accompanies the path defined by Rogelio Frigerio for Enter Rios.

“As part of this government, we are highlighting the austerity and transparency framework that our Governor has provided to the administration. In relation to these principles, measures have been adopted such as: canceling the retirement privileges of the governor and his deputy; Reducing the number of regional officials to 50%; Retirement of a large number of non-essential vehicles; Publication of salaries and sworn affidavits for public employees; Courage and political vision to advance the debate (postponed in recent decades) on the weak state of the pension fund and propose the implementation of single balloting in the upcoming provincial elections.

Regarding the first six months of the national government, “We believe in many of the measures adopted by President Javier Miley. Aside from the forms, we agree with: openness to the world, siding with democratic countries, defending private property, and condemning corruption issues, among other things. In this way, as a responsible opposition, we must cooperate and provide the nation with the necessary and indispensable tools to implement its government plan and approve the Basic Law.

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Finally, “We would like to emphasize that, as a social and political space, we listen, engage in dialogue, and continue to work for and by the people. Our daily work is to respond with contributions and actions aimed at improving the quality of life of every neighbor, every citizen, and this is our commitment.”

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