Could Carlos Vela return to Spain with Luhnow's Leganes?

Leganés owner Jeff Luhnow believes Carlos Vela is still fit to play in Spain.

Jeff Luhnow And Carlos Candle They have one person in common. Brother of former player LAFC He is a director Cancun FCwho is playing Expansion League And it is one of the former corporate owned clubs Houston Astros. The former Mexico national team could play the newly promoted side Leganaseis an option that is “considered”.

Luhnov He is the owner Leganase The Spanish side, promoted to the first division, immediately prepare to face the best clubs in the country. Real Madrid By Kylian Mbappé.

TO Luhnov He was asked: “Alejandro talks to you and says, 'Hey. Carlos, wants to go Leganase'. Do you hire him or not?

“Okay, let's see. I have a sports director here, he is very successful, I give him the power to make decisions, but if it happens, if it happens, I am going to tell him, we have to consider it,” commented the Mexican businessman. , in an interview ESPN.

About himself Carlos Candle35 years old and still playing in Spain's first division, Luhnov Consider: “I think so. He was an elite player and had a tremendous career. So, for me, yes.

The doors are open to play in Cancun

There is no doubt that he will play in the team Carlos CandleIf he wants it, it will be Cancun FCAlthough it is necessary to return from his homeland, from the promotion, to encourage the former football player LAFC.

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“I spoke to Carlos' brother Alejandro and now I think Carlos wants to rest a bit. I've been in the game for 20 years too. I know that elite athletes, stars, after they decide they're going to rest for a while, you have to give them six months or a year. Suddenly they See how he doesn't want to play again Cancun His place of birth. He is from there. So let's see what happens. It would certainly be easier if there was a chance to advance in Mexico, but yes, in the near future. If Carlos hears this, tell him we welcome him with open arms,” he said. Luhnov.

Cancún FC players can settle

With the rise of Leganase From Spain, the door is open to Mexican players Cancun FC For the Old Continent, although everything will depend on the analysis made by the managers, the Spanish team will review what is needed to gain stability in the Iberian Peninsula.

“We have young players with talent and progress, and that's one of the discussions we're going to have because we have a club in the second division in the Czech Republic and a club in the third division at the Emirates. We have a lot of players in our sights, other than interest or full interest in these players. , we decide now. Sometimes the next step is to go to Spain, to play in the reserves, to train with the first team. So we will look for opportunities like this.

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