Madonna, who was sued by her fans for starting concerts late, argued that “real” people know how to do it “always”.

Madonna is facing a class-action lawsuit from her fans who accused her of starting concerts late, and the singer has defended herself by saying that “real” fans know she “always” goes on stage “after the start time”. plans,” according to 'TMZ,' which has accessed legal documents. According to the documents, the singer says her fans understand how her concerts work and know she's late, adding that the time printed on concert tickets “is not an indication of when she'll actually be on stage.” Michael Fellows The lawsuit was filed by a man who criticized Madonna for starting one of her concerts in New York two hours later than scheduled on her international tour, 'The Celebration Tour.' started after 30. “If a fan is familiar with the history of my concerts and knows that shows last two hours and fifteen minutes, that fan will surely know that Madonna usually plays after the scheduled event time (an opening act, stage change, etc.) and late at night. ,” the singer argued, according to legal documents.

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