The only way people can get into a black hole and avoid “spaghetti”

Two physicists have proposed the exact set of circumstances necessary for a man to enter a black hole, but warn that it will be the “loneliest journey in human history.”

Leo and Shanshan Rodríguez, both physics professors at Grinnell College in Iowa, USA, compared two types of black holes, stellar, with a mass almost equal to that of the Sun, and supermassive, with a mass of millions or even a billion. times greater.

The latter does not rotate, the event horizon has a radius of approximately 3.2 kilometers. The event horizon is the limit of space-time, where the escape velocity of a certain mass reaches and then must exceed the speed of light, so that an escape becomes impossible.

By comparison, the supermassive hole at the center of the Milky Way has a mass of about 4 million solar masses and the range of events is nearly 12 million kilometers. In the case of stellar black holes, the event horizon is much closer to the center, unlike in the case of supermassive holes.

What are spaghetti?

If someone were to pass through the event horizon of a black star hole, that person would go through a process known as “spaghetti”, through which all the atoms in their body would stretch in a long thread given the extraordinary difference in gravitational force. . .from one point in space-time to the next. This process is very likely to kill the brave astronaut.

However, a person who fell into a supermassive hole would go through a much more gradual and prolonged experience, without spaghetti being produced, passing through the horizon of events without being affected by extreme differences in gravity, considering the staggering distances involved.

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How could a man enter a black hole “safely”?

Another obstacle is the fact that most black holes have extremely hot accretion disks around them. Accretion disks are largely made up of gas, dust, stars, and planets that get too close to the event horizon and fall into the black hole.

For a man to “safely” enter a black hole, he would have to be isolated from the universe around him and consume the surrounding planets, gas and stars long before the astronaut dared to approach the event horizon. , according Science alert.

Ultimately, surviving the trip beyond the event horizon would be the most “lonely” trip, because no information can escape from a black hole, given the gravitational forces that not even light can escape.

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