Tesla, Lincoln and Ram Best Consumer Reports List of Best Consumer Reports

Consumption reports He freed her List of most popular and least popular car brands, Based on owner satisfaction survey. 369,000 owners were asked if they could repurchase the same car if they had the option and expanded the data for the results. Tesla, Lincoln and Ram top the list, followed by Cadillac, Nissan and Infiniti.

What is interesting here is the car content expert Consumption reports Mike Quincy told me that some brands with high owner satisfaction ratings, such as Tesla and Lincoln, have many more models than average reliability. So, despite their shortcomings, many car owners are still happy with their choices.

This year, Tesla received the best scores in the survey, with owners rating their cars for five, four or five trips, comfort and cabin electronics. Whatever you think about Tesla, you need to know that Tesla owners absolutely love their cars. The second and third brands of the survey, Lincoln and Ram, may not create the same level of admiration, but owners show great satisfaction with their purchases. In turn, this translates into the word repetitive sales and positive.

Quincy noted that collecting points is not about expensive brands. BMW is 13th, Lexus 19th and Mercedes Benz 23rd.

“Because a manufacturer has expensive models like Mercedes Benz and Cadillac, Consumption reports“The owner satisfaction survey shows that a lot of people are not happy with what they buy, even when they spend a lot of money,” Quincy told me.

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Think about the reasons people choose a vehicle: maybe they grew up with Ford trucks, which is exactly what they like. It is known. Or they may have had a bad experience with a brand lemon and only lead a close competitor. The ‘halo effect’ (in other words, a lasting positive thought that bleeds into other aspects of a brand or person) is a true bias, and therefore the opposite. Consumption reports Jeep is said to be a great example; Jeep Wranglers tend to get the lowest score in annual reliability surveys. Ask any Wrangler owner what they think of their vehicle, which has a star-studded commitment to the Jeep experience.

“Of course we understand the impulse: some Consumer Reports Own testers own unsafe vehicles because they are interested in other qualities such as acceleration and maneuverability. ” Consumer Reports
Says John Linkov.

Chrysler’s high rating is also interesting, I think it is determined by the popularity of the Pacific minivan, which I can guarantee is a great ride. He hates all the minivans you love, but if you travel by road, the Pacifica is very practical and convenient. I drove some pix and got a high score on the consumer reports reliability chart, but the satisfaction level is low.

Are you happy with what you drive?

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