La Jornada – Demanding a return to the former airspace design

Citizen Collective More Safety and Less Noise has called on authorities to activate a previous airspace design that has demonstrated its efficiency and safety for more than 30 years, to avoid aircraft accidents like the one on May 7.

At a remote conference, Francisco Lander, Minerva Lopez, Terry Soria, and Grecia Raither stated that they would start a campaign aimed at passengers, so that they would become aware and willing of the conditions and conditions in which the Valley of Mexico airspace exists. Continue to seek the support of the international aviation authorities, as well as speak with the embassies of other countries in Mexico to inform them of the aforementioned problem.

We have already sent multiple letters to the US aviation authorities, Ambassador Ken Salazar and President Joe Biden, warning of this dangerous situation. We will speak directly with national and international airlines to work together in unity, in an effort to reduce safety risks and noise impacts. “We will take these measures as long as there is no positive response to our demands as affected citizens,” Grecia Rayther said.

Citizens of 150 colonies

The group, made up of citizen committees from more than 150 neighborhoods in the Valley of Mexico, noted that they expressed that users of flight services and the approximately 2.5 million people in the Valley of Mexico “are at constant risk, due to the precarious conditions” as hundreds of planes sail daily in the field. flights to Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Terry Soria demanded to have a highly qualified, specialized and trained Navigational Services Unit in Mexican Aerospace (CINEM)” and added, “We are not happy, let alone safe just because Victor Manuel Hernández Sandoval has resigned from the General Administration of Ciném.”

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“While there are many circumstances in which Hernández Sandoval’s work at the helm of Cinnam must be investigated, including criminal negligence, the departure of an individual will not solve a structural issue,” he added.

He added that the only government agency that opened its doors to them was the Federal Deputy for Environmental Protection, who accepted the neighborhood complaint they filed on March 24.

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