The OnePlus 9 Pro may have camera enhancements, perhaps even in partnership with Hasselpot

OnePlus has built a reputation for mid-range phones, but it could change that with the future of smartphones, OnepPlus 9 Pro. YouTuber Dave 2D received images appearing as the OnePlus 9 Pro, with visible haspot markings on its back.

Not sure what the range of cameras can do, but make sure you don’t see a medium-sized hashtag sensor inside. Images show two large sensors (fixed and ultra-wide), with two smaller cameras, including macros. Autofocus appears to be flash.

The matrix is ​​similar to the presentations considered OnePlus 9 Standard, Even if that phone does not have an extra camera and flash and hashtag brand. The tag “Ultrashot” may appear.

These rumors confirm claims about the front, including its curved 1440p 120Hz display. This device comes with 11GB RAM and 256GB storage.

It is uncertain whether a hashtag partnership will help. Motorola has made significant improvements to the Hasolbot phone model photos, but not in the sense that it could be confused with a studio quality camera. Like the Laika-Hawaii partnership, it could be about being more competitive (and attracting attention) than a big leap in mobile camera technology.

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