Greece and Israel have established that vaccinated tourists can travel between the two countries without any restrictions.

The AFP and DPA said on Monday that Israel and Greece had reached an agreement allowing civilians vaccinated against Kovit-19 to travel freely in both countries.

“We want to facilitate the travel of those who have evidence of vaccination, and we want to do this with Israel, which is far ahead of the vaccine,” Greek Prime Minister Grios Mitsotakis said in a joint statement with Israeli opponent Benjamin Netanyahu. AcerPress.

Netanyahu said the agreement would allow Israeli tourists to travel to Greece “without any restrictions or isolation.”

These flights can begin after the lifting of restrictions imposed by Israel on international flights that have been suspended until February 20.

The Israeli prime minister said a “green passport” would be created once travel restrictions were lifted.

The DPA notes that the lifting of travel restrictions for those vaccinated in the EU is controversial.

The 27 EU member states are working on a joint vaccination certificate, but the debate on the benefits associated with it was postponed last month. Despite being vaccinated, another problem, such as the risk of infection, remains unresolved.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the Greek economy.

Athens will seek an agreement with Great Britain similar to the one with Israel.

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