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In the following note we tell you all the details so you can download it. Undoubtedly, Share it It is one of the most used apps by millions of users worldwide. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that allows users to communicate 24 hours a day. However, there is an unofficial version that is much wanted and needed WhatsApp Plus, the variant which has more number of features which is not available in the official version and you can get more benefits from it. However, this alternative version also carries persistent risks.

What to do to install WhatsApp Plus 2023?

Remember that if you want to get version 2023 of WhatsApp Plus, you have to create a copy in your account and delete the original application from your device. After that, you can download WhatsApp Plus 2023 APK and activate the unknown source mode so that you can add any app that doesn’t belong to your cell phone Play Store.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Plus 2023?

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, so you should keep in mind that it has completely new features for you. One of the most important points is that it does not contain any kind of advertisement. In addition, you can make changes to the last connection time, block messages and calls from certain numbers, and you have an area where you can change your avatar through platforms such as Bitmoji or a different interface color.

But these are not all the positive changes that WhatsApp Plus 2023 offers. Another great benefit of keeping your privacy in bounds is that you can remove the section that says you’re “writing” or “recording audio.” “This way no one can know how much you are going to send to one of your contacts before you send the message.

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What are the cons of WhatsApp Plus 2023?

WhatsApp Plus 2023 may have many advantages as mentioned above, but since it is not an official version, there may be some risks. Being an unofficial app, it uses servers other than the original one and can be hacked.

On the other hand, WhatsApp may ban your account if it detects the use of this app and you may have many problems to recover it, so it is not recommended to install this app on cell phones.

“If you’re getting an in-app message saying your account is ‘temporarily suspended’, it means you’re using an unauthorized version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app. “If you do not start using the official version of WhatsApp after your account is temporarily suspended, your account will be permanently suspended,” the company said in a statement.

How to download WhatsApp Plus 2023?

WhatsApp Plus is not an official app, so it is not available in the smartphone store. You need to install it on your cell phone Then we show you the steps so you can do it:

  • First, download the new APK .
  • Then, install the APK and enable the option to install from unknown sources on Android.
  • When downloading an application from outside the Google Play Store, remember to enable unknown sources.
  • Therefore, to activate it, you must follow this route: Settings – Security – Unknown sources – Accept.
  • Finally, run the .apk file so that everything is ready and you can use the app.
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