Hawaii phones will soon lose another Google service; About this here

If Respect Allows you to use Google services, Qualcomm processors and Intel Hawaii is still without GMS. Also, this week he lost access to another Google service. Find out the details below.

It seems that Hawaii phone owners can no longer make video calls Google Dio, With update Google Duo 123. At the moment Dio can be used without problems even on non-GMS certified terminals including Hawaii or Honor units. However, Google will close “Violation“In the spring. I found it last week as well Google News It will stop running on non-certified Android smartphones until March 31, 2021. Honor and Hawaii models are also targeted.

Initially, the term was unclear to Google Dio because it was about to terminate the service. “Unsupported terminalsXDA developers have dug into this topic and found additional information in the code. GMS compatible terminals, I.e. Google licensed, not unlicensed, will receive support. March 31 is the deadline there, and users have 14 days to download their data. The loss of Google Dio is not a great tragedy for Hawaii, they are launching a video calling application / service M Time With EMUI 11 Last fall.

The problem is, he hasn’t started anywhere in the world, at least not yet. With the increasingly sharp Android experience, we are increasingly wondering what will come of the OS board Hawaii P50 in spring season.

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