Do not look for the difference in the picture: this is a new scam to steal Instagram accounts

Instagram users should be wary of a new scam With the pretext of the challenge to spot the difference in a picture, the victims are tricked into gaining access to their account to steal.

The so-called challenge ‘Find the difference’ is very common on the internet. This is an image in which the same element is reproduced multiple times and only one of the proposals gives a slight variation, it is different.

This visual challenge has played a key role in scams threatening social networking users, including Twitter user PinkyBoyz, a reviewer for Valentí Sanjuan’s Twitch channel.

In this scam The user and the victim receive a message from a friend who promises to pay him $ 50 if he finds a different element from the picture.. To get the money, a conversation is started in which the user is stressed Replace email Linked to your Instagram account.

Once the change has been made, what actually happened is that the user and now the victim have linked the account with the fraudster’s email, and he only needs to enter the new one in that ’email’ to recover the password. Account in their can.

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