The NFT, the source code of the World Wide Web, is selling for $ 5.4 million

The article entitled The Father of the World Wide Web sells its source code, NFT, for $ 5.4 million.

Picture: Sotheby’s / Kismodo

Although NFTs have the flu Began to withdraw, The millionaire auction is still being offered to them. Some are very unique, like the source code of the World Wide Web, which sold for $ 5.4 million.

Tim Berners-Lee, the British engineer who created the World Wide Web in 1989, has decided to bid. Sotheby’s The source code of your organism. Well, it’s a bit complicated to really explain the meaning of the auction: “I did not even sell the source code”, he said Explained To The Guardian last week. “I’m selling an image I created, with a Python program I wrote myself, about what the source code would look like if pasted on a wall and signed by me.”

Since the source code of the WWW is Berners-Lee, it cannot be said that it was a good secret that it was so valuable. Made public Code in the 90s. You can see the animated version of the code Page Sotheby’s.

This is not always the most expensive NFT – a Record held by Artist People, Which sold a digital job.36.39.3 million – but was able to perform better than the others Success Such as the latest First tweet o la Elon Musk digital song.

The only good part about spending this ridiculous money is that Berners-Lee promises to donate profits to nonprofits.

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