The new Lizarra project will “open up” this space and neighborhood towards the city

The winning team of architects on the project (Conjunta Proyectos) presented it yesterday to residents Stella especially those Lizara neighborhood who came to Maria Vicuña Hostel. There are architects Ines Castillo and Arantxa Strostegui Explanation of the characteristics of the project and the different architectural and urban solutions for this area, according to the mayor. Koldo Leoswas appreciated by the jury as “the most complete proposal and received the largest number of services”.

“The jury evaluated this proposal as the most complete and received the most services”

Koldo Leos – Mayor of Estella

Our suggestion was Get an open space of a fortified and closed building, but at the same time maintains its function as a Sports and recreation areaThe architect Arantxa Satrústegui who highlighted the great potential of the city emphasized in this space whose overall dimensions are larger than the Plaza de los Fueros.

“We want a new space that attracts people and is open to the city”

Arantxa Satrústegui – Joint Venture Engineer

In this sense, they highlighted the fact of the site where the back and front spaces are car parks “It is like a dead end where no one can now use it or go for a walk and it only serves as parking and what we meant is to create an open but covered yard.” In this sense, they highlighted the strength of the building’s concrete panels which, by reusing the structure, would protect a large area from the intense heat and cold. “The project requires a kind of controlled demolition in which the central building and its staircases are dispensed with to enter the flat floor to the facade as they are at the same height.”

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Among the novelties, a door opening in the area of ​​the front facade wall that divides the space in two “generates two small fronts of 4 and a half open to the city”. They also highlighted the possibilities of natural light in the space, along with creating green areas in a neighborhood whose absence is underlined. Another feature of the creation of this work is that it will allow the resulting building to be connected through a new podium, with the youth house: “It will allow a seamless connection between the users of one space and another. It will make the cafeteria more informative and will provide a recreational space that is now useless.”

Among the neighbors, there were opinions that viewed the project positively but “we see accessibility problems”. There were also neighbors who protested that “the 35 parking spaces are going to disappear because we can’t forget that this is now a parking lot”. One of the concerns of the attendees was that the open area would attract “young people from below and fill it with vomit and other things”. One of the strongest protests came from some users playing ball “that hole shouldn’t be made in the ramp wall because it destroys the slalom”. Others emphasized that with the new business nothing will come of it because “here, except for the neighbors, no one comes.”

Arguments sometimes noted and refuted by others: “The project provides access to homes for vehicles and up to 13 parking spaces; another thing is how this arrangement is determined.” “Our aim is to create a square that respects the ball game but also attracts the rest of the neighbours, because urban renewal always has a positive effect,” Satrostegui emphasized.

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