The real reason for the split between Palazuelos and Andres Garcia has been revealed

Andres Garcia and Roberto Palazuelos

Actor Andrés García is remembered for his roles as an imposing and determined man, the perfect womanizer. However, only the memory of the strongman of cinema and television remains because his serious health condition took its toll on him.

This is evidenced by what the 81-year-old actor said on his YouTube channel, as he assured that “he is living his last days” and how he is seen in these videos as he is tired and thin. ; A product of the diseases he suffers from.

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This exhibition is the cause of criticism precisely because they will “exploit” the Mexican statue, and they will expose it to generate visits and preferences; This was confirmed by Roberto Palazuelos, a former friend of Andrés García: “It’s unfortunate that they’re portraying him like this because he’s a legend, and they have to take care of him, but, well, I don’t want to get into too much coin and confusion. If that’s what he wants, fine, but I don’t think it’s right.

Roberto Palazuelos would have fallen victim to a trap

He assured her that he had said nothing against Margarita or her children, but affirmed that Andrés’s wife had threatened to destroy them, so one of the two must lie. But who now? The answer is who had the most interest in removing Andrés from Palazuelos because it was less of a part of the will. In addition, Palazuelos promises to continue to be a supporter of his “brothers,” the legitimate children of Andres Garcia.

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