Olympia loses one of its scoring promises and goes to play football in Europe


When you are a player and the door is from abroad, it is even more so Europe, it opened, and it was hard to turn down. Regardless of the level of your career, always being outside is a sign of evolution.

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This is what happened to the young man Hector Avila, as soon as he got the chance to go to football abroad. At just 15 years old, the Honduran striker joins the list of young Catrachos Europe.

Again the Marcet FoundationThere he trained as a footballer Jonathan Rubio, Another Honduran talent has set its sights on it, and now it’s Avila’s turn to best represent the national colors. SpainAfter being crowned champions in reserve, he left a lunge for his goal-scoring appetite. Olympia In the past San Sebastian Cup He scored seven goals in seven games.

His mother, Cindy Fonseca, spoke to DIEZ and said she was very happy that they had accepted the project. Marcet Foundation His boy must go to the mother country to continue his training as a football player, thus giving a leap in his short but prosperous life.

“Last year we stayed at Fundación Marcet. They measured his performance and then sent us an analysis that told us he had a lot of skills and things to contribute and learn. They wrote to us in December and asked us to join them in January to discuss the training issue. We told them no in January because we wanted him to continue his studies until June and see what happens in those months,” Cindy began to say.

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“When he returned from the Donosti Cup where he scored high, they again offered us a scholarship and the option to join on September 5. We prayed for him to see what God really wants for him on this track so that we don’t lose hope because he was already training with the Olympia reserves. ,” he continues.

And that’s it Hector Avila There is a diamond. He’s a player with a nose for goals like few others, that’s all Marcet Foundation He wants to place him later in a better league on the old continent.

“We met, we called, we saw the advantages of this option, because training in Spain is a great opportunity. We proposed it to Hector, because it is not easy to give up comforts, but he was determined and we decided to accept. This is a harvest as a result of the beginning of this formation”, the new Legion’s mother said with great pride.

It should be noted that the first steps of this young man were taken in an academy Atlantis BankThen started his way from Sub-8 Basic Olympic ForcesHe trained there Santos “El Indio” Ruiz and his son Denise RuizWho started their process in the courts Information.

Avila has had the opportunity to gain international experience with children from other countries since she was 8 years old. Disney Cups Inside Miami He was also crowned as the highest scorer when they participated Savior, Costa Rica, Mexico Now recently Spain.

“The period is ten months, because every year they give you options to renew the scholarship, if you don’t think so, nothing will happen in ten months, or to renew for another season, because we saw it well. It is not easy to part with his parents. I think the contribution will be very good. “I think at the end of the tournament other scholarship options will come and they will decide if he is ready to step up to the first team,” he concluded on the matter.

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Hector AvilaAge 15, leaving Honduras Must be fully enrolled on October 3rd Marcet Foundation From the 6th of the same month. The boy’s mother clarified that Olympia They were on good terms.

“We explained to them the scholarship our son had won and they gave us a retirement letter and told us the club’s doors were still open to him because he was born there and trained there. All is well with Olympia”, he concluded.

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