The most shocking defeats in national team football

The Republic of Ireland suffered the worst defeat in their history on Saturday, losing 1-0 to Luxembourg in the UEFA World Cup qualifier in Qatar.

Gerson Rodriguez’s brilliant goal in the 85th minute gave the Irish a stunning victory at the base of a five – team team, just below Azerbaijan.

Luxembourg, ranked 98th in the world, has improved greatly in recent years (in 2006 they were ranked 186th and 142nd in the 2015 edition); But Ireland, ranked 32nd, were confident the result would be confirmed with their home fans.

Currently, the Irish national team is immersed in an ugly queue of 10 games without knowing victory on the orders of newly hired coach Stephen Kenny, which includes 6 defeats. In addition, they fined Slovakia in the Euro 2020 qualifying playoffs.

The 3-2 setback in Serbia last Wednesday was believed to have at least indicated that the Irish had solved their conversion problems. They scored twice in one match for the second time since October 2017, the other in an engagement against Gibraltar.

Despite optimistic signs, difficulties facing the opposing goal came to a head against Luxembourg. Ireland have not qualified for the World Cup since 2002, after losing the first two knockout matches, all pointing out that they have little chance of attending next year’s Qatar event.

Even the largest nations have to deal with one shock or another. Here we present our judgment on the games that represent the worst surprises for some of the great nations of world football.

A hair-raising body fight for Benjamin Masing’s vicious attack against Claudio Kanigia: this is a “challenge”, which refers to the rude tricks used throughout the match. Argentina defended the World Cup champions after their 1986 victory in Mexico. Albiceleste, led by Diego Armando Maradona’s turbulent talent, was the favorite to win back the ’90s.

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In contrast, Cameroon had a 500-1 odds, but that did not stop the “inappropriate Lions” from passing all the adults, despite being reduced to nine men on the court for the final stages of the match. In the 67th minute, Franுவாois Omam-Pique scored the decisive goal with a header, and the tactic worked (narrowly), thus snatching away the much-fought victory.

Brazil: 1-7 vs. Germany, World Cup 2014

Despite the defeat at the hands of the Uruguayan neighbors in their own backyard in the 1950 World Cup final being a strong contender for the title of the most painful humiliation Verdiamerela suffered in international competitions, the whole world should live as if “Maraganaso” happened 64 years later. This is the eleventh responsibility for sending a tear-stained Selena to the ground Minerva de Belo Horizonte and Germany in 2014 from the World Cup semi-finals they played in their country.

England: 0-1 vs. United States, World Cup 1950

The results of this group stage match of the first World Cup in Brazil continue to be cited as one of the biggest surprises in the history of the World Cup final. The England team is proud to have greats like Tom Finney, Stan Mortensen and Billy Wright; The American Eleven was made up of a loose set of semi-professionals who had only played together on an earlier occasion. The conflict was expected to be merely formal for England; However, the only goal of the match was scored by Joseph Caitgens, who converted a shot from Walter Bahr to break the opponent’s goal.

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The day Bach Do-Ik wrote his name permanently in football legend. He did it at Iresom Park in Middlesbrough, everywhere imaginable. Although the old Boron Stadium disappeared a long time ago, the bronze sculpture of the opening of the park is still there, within the residential complex that now occupies the land. The artwork pays homage to those who advanced to remove an Italian team full of stars from the 1966 World Cup. The North Koreans advanced to face Portugal in the quarterfinals; However, they could not beat the famous Eusebio, who scored four goals and provided an assist for the reason of the match, which won 5-3.

Meanwhile, the Assyrians were forced to return to their homeland under the cover of night darkness. Despite this, they received a tumultuous “welcome”: angry fans throwing tomatoes at their national team as they pass Genoa airport. To this day, throwing such food to the Italians as a direct result of his failure on English soil is considered very dangerous.

The Trinidad and Tobago national team has inherited its legacy as the rarest “giant killers” of the CONCACAF round. In 1973, they defeated Mexico in a crucial knockout match, and El Tri refused to participate in the 1974 World Cup in Germany. The Caribbean did not qualify for the finals of the World’s Best National Team competition until 2006.

After practically winning all the matches in which they participated, the Spanish team, which was then the defender of the World Cup, received a severe humiliation in Brazil and the Dutch team was unleashed in Bahia. After going to rest with an equal score, the Netherlands’ brilliant performance in the second half crushed Vicente del Boskin’s team with a catapult of goals to overcome the initial deficit by a bit, including Percy, who was inspired by Robin Vane’s long-distance title.

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La Rose wanted to win its fourth major international trophy in a row; On the contrary, this defeat is certainly the most inspiring in their history (especially since 1963, when the Spaniards have conceded five goals in an international match). However, Jerry Armstrong could have said otherwise, as the former striker scored the legendary and stunning 1-0 victory over Northern Ireland in the 1982 World Cup, playing less than a match at their home ground, especially at the Carlos Belmont Stadium in Albacete.

USA: 1-2 vs.. Trinidad and Tobago, CONCACAF Qualification 2017

The U.S. team met (again) with Trinidad and Tobago (again) in the last game of their knockout campaign for the 2018 World Cup, knowing that they did not need a draw to seal their place in Russia next summer. However, two goals from their Caribbean rivals in the first half made an irresistible difference, setting a final point for the United States in seven consecutive World Cups.

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