The logistics company looks for space: from golf course to warehouse

The logistician is looking for space. After the rise of electronic commerce with the pandemic, many logistics operators are looking for land to settle their ships. In the United States, companies have found large unbuilt spaces and close to residential or commercial areas: the golf courses.

UPS plans to build a 92,000-square-meter logistics warehouse in Philadelphia on land previously occupied by a golf course. Another sports field in Portland, Oregon, which was built in 1930 and closed last year, will become a 32,000 square meter industrial warehouse raised by Prologis.

Another distribution giant that has sought its space in large green tracks has been Amazon. The company will build a center for compliance on land now occupied by a golf course in Alcoa, Tennessee and is already building a 350,000 square meter warehouse, taking part of the 450,000 square meters occupied by the Liverpool Public Golf and Country Club located in the state of New York.

Golf saw a 14% increase in the number of players last year due to the pandemic. Even so, in the United States some 2,400 golf courses have closed since 2006 and it has five million fewer players than in 2005 while online commerce soared last year.

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