No one said it was a ‘fake’ for Bad Bunny. He stabbed The Miss in WWE

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Isn’t this fake? Someone did not report Bad bunny You have to take it carefully, otherwise you show that there is real enmity The Miss, Because this is the end of Monday Raw before WrestleMania 37, the singer is stabbed in the face by a wrestler, Ended at the knees from the impact.

Bad Bunny Colbia Adi Miss | Video

He bad Bad Bunny a The Miz After the gladiator made fun of Puerto Rican with the song “Hey Hey, Hop Hop”, in that video they seemed to be making fun of the artist, a few weeks ago The best guitarThis is not the first aggression between the two, but a precursor to a Slap.

What is Bad Bunny doing in WWE?

We’ve seen the Recatton player at the world’s largest wrestling company since January, and everything has arisen since he started Easy Booker d Tribute to a named wrestler who has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. That song allowed him The Royal Rumble will appear in 2021 And his first string casts out too.

From that moment on, he became a regular on Raw on Mondays Damien the priest. Although he is not an official fighter, he is already a 24/7 champion and he has been increasing his heat in recent weeks Competition with The Miss, Calls himself a true entertainment star and professional wrestler.

Bad Bunny will fight in WrestleMania

Chop this in between Bad bunny And Want to see more of the superstar Its climax will be WrestleMania37 Next Saturday, April 10, Damien Priest and John Morrison are comrades in the ring, respectively.

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