Panama and Peru are the fastest growing economies in the world, according to the WB

The economies of Latin America and the Caribbean, which have been hit hardest by the Govt-19 epidemic, are set to rise to 4.4% in 2021 after a 6.7% decline last year, although a “accelerated” process will increase the imbalances between those “within”, the World Bank said in its two years on the region today The report warned.

In this way, the company slightly improves its latest forecasts, which predict an expansion of regional gross domestic product (GDP) to 4% by 2021 after a 7.9% decline in 2020.

“The epidemic has led to a process of constructive destruction, which could lead to rapid growth, but it is also widening inequalities between countries in the region,” said Martin Rama, chief economist at the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Panama and Peru are the countries with the highest economic growth this year, with 9.9% and 8.1% expansion, respectively.

Next, Argentina, estimated at 6.4%; Chile with 5.5% and Colombia with 5%, all above the regional average; The two largest economies, Brazil and Mexico, account for 3% and 4.5%, respectively.

Among the motivating elements for the region is the organization led by David Malpas, which highlights the recovery in raw material prices and the return of remittances sent by migrants, which represents a significant economic support in Central America and the Caribbean.

The World Bank (WB) will discuss with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next week its spring assembly, almost, and global perspectives and challenges in the midst of recovery after the deep crisis triggered by the epidemic. .

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