Models with friends, Daniel Chavez presents a short music video

Beautiful Chile model Daniella Chavez She was commissioned to gather some of her friends and proposed to record a music video in which they would all appear in front of the camera with their best clothes and modeling.

That’s right, this is a short video in which you can see they had a great time and they recorded it for fun, first it starts with Daniella walking towards the camera, then with a change a friend of hers appears holding a mirror and bringing the mirror closer to the camera.

Every movement works to continue changes, The second woman about the mirror to the camera, another appears to be holding it, and finally one of her friends even threw herself on the floor and approached the camera coquette.

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The song has a very exotic pulse and its Followers When I saw how creatively they recorded the little clip, I had more time listening to the melody, which was a great Entertainment.

There is no doubt that the beautiful Chilean model is well aware of how to entertain her audience, this time she broke out of the habit and switched from attractive photos and videos to this music clip which was well received by her fans.

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It is noteworthy that the young lady is very focused on arranging her apartment with the best furniture, she recently received a purchase, which is very interesting to us, our focus is on a jacuzzi.

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This is the main reason for our attention, new photos will definitely come in which Daniel Chavez will be wearing his best swimsuit and going to the front model of the camera inside the jacuzzi which will definitely capture some incredible moments.

We can also confirm that you are going to post some videos for your sole fans and take some incredible photos that can only be published on that exclusive page because social networks do not support it and will definitely censor it.

Wait for the news to show up so you can know the exact moment those photos were taken and share some of them on their official Instagram profile so don’t miss them.

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