Darwin Seren: “People who don’t know about football can’t be leading football in the country”

Selecta’s record player Darwin Ceren was very critical of the Facefoot officials in his analysis of what is happening in Salvadoran football. In a conversation with Khanza, he admitted that he was “very sad about the current situation of the national team”.

Darwin Seren was in the first phase of the Hugo Perez cycle. And he holds the record for appearances with Blue. So that’s his opinion on everything that happens at Selecta.

“I’m upset about what’s happening with the national team,” he tells Cancha from San Miguel. The situation is very complicated, things are not going well, not only today, but things have not been done well for a long time. Processes are not successful or they are not given the necessary tools or time to bear fruit. Bad series, bad things happened in the national team, many things.

Darwin has no secret: “There is a flaw in the selection and it is affecting us. Teams with less football than us are overtaking us, they are leaving us, it is unfortunate because we are a country with a lot of football. Lots of passionate people, very talented players. And other teams It’s sad to see progress and we’ve stagnated for so long.

His feeling for Selecta is clear: “We all want the national team to do well because they represent the whole country. And when things go wrong, it’s sad for everyone,” he explained.

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“I am sorry for everything that is happening,” he added. I’d love to see Selecta do well. The decision-makers within the national team really think and allow themselves to be led by people who know football, because people who don’t know football are now leading football in our country. From that we think wrongly. We need to bring in people who know our environment, who know our football, who have outdoor experience and can handle it outdoors. And may we all be well.”

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“Initially comes a goal that many people can achieve, and now in the current situation it seems a little difficult, which is to qualify for the World Cup. There are a lot of things to be done to have positive options to qualify for a World Cup again. People have to take things into their own hands and realize that time is passing. To feel,” lamented Seren.

Talking about his particular situation at Aguila, Darwin revealed, “I feel good with the team, it took me some time to adapt to the infrastructure, the fields, the conditions and everything. Despite that, the promises they made to me have been fulfilled.

“But after you are in the best places, we know that there is a great demand. Generally on the part of all the teams, there is a lot of demand. It is a medium that I do not know, I know that there will be things that are not so good,” explained the former MLS player in Aguila today.

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