The Minister of Science responds to Ficyt employees that the Science Agency is “reliant” on the institution

Oviedo, October 13 (European press) –

The Minister of Science, Innovation and the University of the Asturian government, Borja Sanchez, on Thursday responded to staff at the Foundation for the Promotion of Applied Scientific Research and Technology (Ficyt) in Asturias that the Agency for Future Science “is of interest” with the institution. and its employees.

Workers marched Thursday in front of the General Council to protest the “labour impasse” which, in their view, is leaving them to the new Asturian Science, Business Competitiveness and Innovation Agency, in parliamentary proceedings.

For his part, the chancellor noted at a press conference that “all employees” of Ficyt have an indefinite contract, and stressed that the entity is necessary “for the purposes set forth in the recent revision of the Science Act.”

“We have Ficyt, with its workers, they have indefinite and stable contracts and we are attentive and open to them relaying their concerns to us,” Borja Sánchez said.

The head of science called for “the pursuit of consensus” and the ability to tap “all the potential” of the personnel working “in the Asturian Research and Development Department.”

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