Mhoni Vidente makes a strong statement of Christian Nodal: “The disease is eating him”

A day later an entertainment magazine revealed it Christian Nodal Suffering from an illness, Mhoni Vidente said in his predictions that the famous Mexican regional singer will actually pass. A difficult moment of health and revealed What about Sonora from Gaborca?.

“Yes, Nodal is going to appear at the Zócalo on December 1st, this card tells us, the eye card, He is very depressed, Human papilloma eats it. “Cancer comes in the father, in the prostate or bladder,” he declared Sir MoniThe family of the famous Mexican singer has not seen the best moments either.

This Tuesday “TV Notes” magazine published an interview with a close friend of the singer, in which he is said to have withdrawn. Money, his current girlfriend and his family. According to the testimony, After Christian Nodal ended his relationship with Belinda, the singer was seen with several womenHe developed a sexually transmitted disease which had serious consequences on his health.

Nodal offers to give a free concert at the Zócalo; “Only if Belinda agrees,” replies AMLO

The famous fortune teller indicated that thousands of Mexicans could enjoy the concert, which the translator of “Botella After Bottle” and “They Didn’t Tell You Wrong” offered to give for free. on December 1 in the capital’s ZócaloDuring a morning briefing later this Wednesday, Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López ObradorWill accept the offer “Only if Belinda agrees” for Nodal to appear on this site.. It should be remembered that the pop star gave his support to the president when he ran for the presidency of Mexico in 2018.

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This was the only condition the president set for a free concert in the country’s largest square for a Mexican regional interpreter. “We take Nodal at his word to see if we call Nodal. He already said he would not charge the Zócalo fee. It could be the first of December when we celebrate four years of government or any other day,” López Obrador announced this morning. Nodal expressed his interest Its tentative date will be to offer a free concert in Mexico City’s famous plaza The day marks the President’s fourth year at the helm of the government of the Federation.

“Nothing else Respectfully consult Belinda, because she always behaved well with us. If he agrees, we will accept Nodal’s proposal,” announced the President in the morning. While waiting to receive a response from the artist, he invited her to sing on the show: “I will invite her, but if she cannot attend, let us know her opinion.”López Obrador commented.

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