If you’ve been denied a US visa, here’s what you can do to appeal the decision

The US visa has become the obsession of many Colombians who want to visit the US for better opportunities, either for tourism or for many other reasons, as they do not see good life development options in Colombia.

Precisely, in the last hours, the proposal of President Gustavo Pedro became known through the American Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo, in which it was proposed that the North American country does not need Colombians who want to travel. Visa to undertake travel. However, the request is not yet official, and even when it is, there is no guarantee that the US Embassy will move forward.

And while many Colombians obtained their visas without any problems, others were denied for different reasons, derailing their dream of making their first trip to the United States.

In these cases, the portal visab1b2.com provided a series of referrals to citizens who were denied this document at the US Embassy in Bogotá.

In most cases, when a visa is denied by the US Embassy, The main recommendation is to re-submit a fresh application and pay the relevant fee once again to get a chance to get approved a second time.

Sometimes, the request for this document is rejected for temporary reasons, such as the lack of funds necessary to guarantee that all expenses of the visit to the United States will be covered. In this case, the second request is more likely to succeed.

Other recommended options if the application is rejected is to appeal the refused visa. In most cases, this appeal must be filed within 30 days of being notified of the visa denial. If the notice was received by post, the appeal has a total time limit of 33 days.

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, known by its English acronym USCIS, reviews appeals on a case-by-case basis when Colombians are denied visas. It will be the last agency responsible for confirming the decision or, conversely, granting permission to travel as a tourist to the North American country.

With current US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visiting the country, Colombia’s international agenda is busy. For example, the meeting with the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, used the opportunity to talk about delays in the visa process.

In this sense, the October 4 meeting was so fluid that Colombia’s relations with the United States were known to be at one of their best moments. Murillo took the opportunity to speak for the thousands of Colombians who suffer daily from the visa process.

Despite the fact that no immediate solution has been offered, Murillo said the wait time could be up to two years, and Blinken indicated that he is reviewing the problem through a magnifying glass to find a better solution.

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