EXCLUSIVE: Meeting with Flyte and Rodriguez in the US could define presidential date

Days are moving and the country is still waiting for the presidential date. After the meetings at the Parliament Palace, the final proposal to the CNE depends on a meeting held in the United States.

Sources revealed NT Jorge Rodríguez, head of the Maduro government's negotiating delegation, and Gerardo Plait, head of the Unitary Platform's delegation, will be in the United States at this time as part of a high-level meeting with Joe's representatives. Biden, President to define date.

He pointed out that within the negotiations held in the country, the date for the upcoming elections is being discussed between July 28, the birthday of the late former President Hugo Chavez, and the end of August.

Likewise, he pointed out that Blight's recent statements, in which he referred to the PUD as the “real opposition party,” had created several “bedbugs.”

“These statements have caused a lot of discomfort in various sectors, and have also consolidated opposition from the Democratic Alliance.”

A source connected to the PUD confirmed that Blyde will leave the country, but did not provide further details.

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