What the stretch is, the medical method used for Daniel Bizzogno and why it's good news for the driver

Daniel Pisogno has been hospitalized. (Instagram: @bisognodaniel)

Daniel Pisogno It is within the conversation topics and under the magnifying glass of public opinion as it has been reported for about 14 days. In the hospital After serious statement For the problem in your body.

It caused Doctors Who is responsible for redemption”toy“They will decide Inducing him into a coma This is one after he got it, in order to attach him to keep him alive surgery A section must be removed Lungs And get a treat Liver problem Considered “serious”.

And so the days passed and every update seemed to Physical condition of Daniel Pisogno More worries than before; However, this Friday, February 23, Padi Chaboy He revealed a medical procedure that could give hope to a theater actor.

Pati Saboi confirms the delicate condition of Daniel Pisogno (Ventaniando).

Well, it turns out that the doctors at the hospital where he was admitted took one last step. Daniel Pisogno They finally decided to release him. After entertainment show host Ventaniando came out to report the above, people wondered what it was all about. discharge.

According to the dictionary of recognized and written medical terms of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain, discharge It is defined as the removal of a tube or cannula previously inserted into some tube, hollow organ, or organic cavity. In that case Daniel Pisogno It is a ventilator.

But why this might be good news for entertainers. Because Extension It is closely linked to progress as a pipelined machine, device or process is no longer required.

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That is, he is now breathing on his own without the need to stimulate and produce this metabolic process without artificial assistance.

Health Report Daniel Bisogno Credit: azteca uno

However, evacuating a person may pose some risk to the patient's health or may cause some adverse effects, such as respiratory obstruction, hypoventilation (when oxygen is not enough for the body to function). , bronchitis, laryngitis, dyspnoea (prolonged pauses in breathing), aspiration of gastric contents, pulmonary edema, mainly.

If Daniel Pisogno Any complications obtained from the discharge must be re-injected. It should be noted that the incidence of implantation is 10 to 15%.

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