The Millennium Collection of Holistic and Federal Sciences

The decision to start seminars to build the citizen’s agenda, which was promoted by the Citizens’ Movement party for the 2024 electoral process, was not accidental. And just a week ago, the parliamentary majority of Morena approved, hastily and under the slogan, the new General Law on the Humanities, Sciences, Technologies and Innovation.

On that “Black Tuesday,” as Senator Clemente Castaneda referred to it, federal deputies gave Morena a “vicious setback” with a legal reform that sought the institutional dismantling of the National Science and Technology Council until then; The tool that, according to the promoters of the new law, allowed the birth of “neoliberal science”. Hence, being more than obligatory, they begin the aforementioned colloquium by declaring an act of unconstitutionality against the aforementioned law, which is to be promoted from the Senate of the Republic.

In addition to the assumption proposed by the mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemos, regarding the creation of good government based on the decision made eight years ago in Jalisco, which chose to attract investment and support entrepreneurs in science, content technology and local development; Among the key ideas put forward by the academics and scientists invited to the session stands out the challenge of highlighting the female effort in the field of scientific innovation and commitment to reducing the gender and digital divide that still prevails in the world. , who was raised by teacher Tatiana Telles; In addition to two questions that remained unanswered with the recently approved law: How do federal entities participate in defining the sector’s general policies? And more than that, how to build a comprehensive innovation, science and technology enterprise?

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After Agenda 2024, what has become clear to all is the need to define multiple spaces of circulation that respect the academic, bureaucratic and economic cultures that converge around the processes of scientific innovation.

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