The man builds a spinning house as a monument of love for his wife

It is not parallel to the Taj Mahal in India, but a family home in a small town in northern Bosnia, by the way, a monument of love.

The house in Srbac was designed and built by Vojin Kuzik, 72.

With a green facade and a red metal roof, you can rotate a whole circle to fulfill the wishes of what your wife wants to see when she looks out of Lubica’s windows.

“After reaching old age, after my children took over the family business, I had enough time to give my wife the option to change the condition of the rooms in her home at any time,” he said. said. குசிக்.

When they got married many years ago, Kusik built a regular house for himself and his wife, in which they raised three children.

At the time, his wife wanted the sun to come into the bedrooms, so they built their house.

But this was his living room away from the road. After a while, he says, his wife complained that he “couldn’t see people coming into our front yard,” and Kusik had to redesign everything.

“I had to turn the wall between our two bedrooms into a living room and move all the (electrical) facilities. It was a very demanding task, it cost me a lot, but I did what she wanted,” she said.

Six years ago, Kusik married one of three children who never left home, and his parents decided to allow him to live upstairs in the family.

“Again, this time on the ground floor, I started to demolish some of the walls. At that point, I decided to build a new rotating house so that she could not wait until my wife changed her mind again. Rotate it as she pleases,” he said.

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Not having the opportunity to go to college, Kuzik designed and built his own revolving house using electric motors and wheels from an old military transport vehicle.

“Now our front door also swings, so if you see unwanted guests going our way, you can turn the house around and turn them over,” he joked.

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