The light of the opposition of Anju Pathi Barsa; Key in the win against Valencia

Anju Fathi Continuous burning after reappearance. He is determined to show that he still deserves more than enough to be heir Leo Messi 10 people behind Barcelona. In his first start in almost 11 months, 13 minutes was enough to score a superb goal, from the top of the area to a subtle, tough, placed and unattainable Shilsen. Fathi was touched by a special gift.

It played for up to an hour Goodinho To reaffirm that he has everything he needs to become the new lighthouse of this Barஸa, he first got up with a tie, then touched the break and inflicted the punishment (discussed). Memphis Debay (Guaranteed partner of the youth team) To ensure the necessary re-entry.

Barசாa suffered as usual from the start (eventually that too happened) and surrendered the flexibility to not collapse. For joint development with one performance, another, fantastic Poet (Put back by Koman in the eleventh than Gudinho) and a blind faith in making the game. It has fascinating game times, even exciting moments, but it still involves a team under construction, both football players and tactics, engaging in a madness on the chaotic frontier.

The anarchy in the attack, without a definite plan, comes with a defense shake that does not fit the lines of what he should be and what his soldiers should be. It doesn’t matter who forms in the center of the back, it will always leave unthinkable gaps and become corridors of gratitude to competitors. And, of course, it takes its toll. As always.

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When Barசாa hurried out with a wonderful and electric counter in the first minute, Valencia responded with a jug of cold water. A brilliant target arose from Guy and surprised everyone with his low and distant shell, when suddenly, not even five minutes passed, all the demons in Camp Nou led to hope or optimism, and growing …

In a parsa it rains when it is wet and often collapses. Granada and Benfica, on the first shot on the sticks and as soon as the game started, had already scored two goals, which led to Barசாa’s torture, and Cayo’s feet caused suffering another night. But there appeared collective anger, and standing alone in the middle of it all, Anju’s shining star, on his first start since November 7, 2020, was injured against Betis. Number 10 is given.

Messi would have signed on for a play, but starting from the opposite side, the youth team found a fantastic goal that sparked the delight of a fan who would find it hard to get involved again. Not surprisingly, in the first game without public restrictions, only 48 thousand spectators gathered in the arena.

For them, and for those who do not, there is the image of Fatty and the poet, Nico, Test, Eric Garcia and a new generation in need of love and hope, whose development is still at the expense of suffering.

It happened, when Anju and Kavya had been out of the match for a long time, that, alternatively, they did not know whether to go forward or backward to Barசாa, defend with the ball or in any other way … Until Gudinho, with the help of an amazing Test, Kun Azero’s entry, premiere, 3 to complete the feast Achieved -1 moments ago.

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The ‘big week’ began with the passing of the Barஸa Valencia exam. Dynamo and Real Madrid are ahead … but Fathi’s star invites you to dream.

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