The inclusion movement demands a better space to hold the festival

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Morelia, Michigan, December 3, 2023. – This festival was much bigger than last year, said Claudia Zuniga, member of the Michoacán Movement for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities, referring to the second edition of the Festival of Culture of People with Disabilities. But he added that people with disabilities faced space problems.

The activist explained that in this session there was great activity with the participation of 16 artistic groups from various institutions such as the House of Culture in Morelia, the Ministry of Culture in Michoacán, the Technological University of Morelia, and others. In addition, a tuna from the University of Michoacana participated.

But the organizers considered that there was a lack of suitable space to carry out this activity, “and one of the things we dealt with was this lack of spaces where many people flock,” he said.

Regarding this, Claudia Zúñiga stated that unfortunately, since the Morelia City Council already has Christmas in the squares on these dates, they have sent them to the Plaza del Carmen where there are almost no people, a situation that they hope will change in the following year. .

“We need that, to work to fight for another space, to open up the city hall a little more to allow us a place where this message can be presented,” he pointed out and explained that if there is a space where there is a lot of flow of people, he will be able to deliver the culture message. Disability reached more people, plus people with disabilities could sell their products better.

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He pointed out that a few years ago, the Inclusion Festival was held in Valladolid Square, a very crowded place, and another edition could be held in that place, or even next to the cathedral, where there are a lot of people on Saturdays, “those could be the main places to be.” Able to carry out this festival.

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