Researchers warn that ‘science in Mexico is in danger’

Leaders of the scientific community warned that the initiative put forward by the federal executive in the areas of humanities, technologies and innovation does not guarantee more budget. Excludes Mexican businessmen and accommodates researchers’ work.

The researchers revealed, during a virtual meeting with deputies from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, all the problems they face due to lack of support.

On behalf of researchers from different countries and universities, Margarita Teresa de Jesus Garcia-Jasca, rector of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, asked lawmakers led by their coordinator Rubén Moreira to present for their proposals, especially when Conacete has not since 2020 met with state representatives as required by law. I ignored your considerations.

In addition to expressing concerns about the Humanities, Science, Technology, and Innovation Common Law Initiative to the federal executive, academics and researchers have denounced a series of wrongdoings such as scholarship designation and the omission of a gender perspective from the initiative.

After listing the concerns expressed by the leaders of the Mexican scientific community, Representative Rubén Moreira Valdez stated, that the aforementioned initiative is central, threatens the pluralism of ideas, and is authoritarian.. The National Agenda is subject to the federal executive, does not guarantee more budget, does not establish multi-year programs, excludes Mexican businessmen, and pretends to be the developer pattern.

PRI legislators, after listening to the scientists, agreed that science in Mexico was in danger.

Unanimously, members of the Science and Technology Committee, Brazil Acosta, Laura Haro, Eduardo Murat, and Sayonara Vargas; MP Moreira assured that the issue of open parliaments will be pushed forward and other forums will be held if necessary to fight against this bad proposal. That members of the Constitutional Revolutionary Party unconstitutional for violating freedom of investigation and expression.

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Legislator Brazil Acosta Peña stated that Morena lawmakers voted without consensus that it must be approved in plenary session no later than April 12, at which they intend to hold from 7 to 12 tables, without giving enough time for discussion and analysis.

What is said in those parliaments will not be taken into account, there will be imposition and parliament will not be binding. He stressed that they only take what suits their interests and approaches, so they will pass it on without change.

For her part, Representative Sayonara Vargas stressed that the most disturbing thing about the initiative is the disdain for the scientific community, from the rhetoric to the law itself, and the lack of governance, harmonization and funding.

He stressed that we support the independence of universities, academic freedom, and the development of science and technology.

Representative Eduardo Murad claimed that in the committee on the subject, from the beginning, there was no opening and that the Director of Consit had a rude attitude with the deputies.; He considered it obvious that what would happen could be seen.

In turn, the legislator Idelfonso Guajardo indicated that before the Minister of Economy had a great relationship with this institution and He was concerned about the possibility of limiting the increase in research in the private sector and the loss of research freedoms.

Mexican MP Melissa Vargas emphasized that this is a more serious situation than previously thought, as something that affects freedom of expression is being legislated.for which he proposed to sign a large convention against this law dating back many years in democratic terms.

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