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Milei and Eguía add a lawyer and journalist to their space

Neuken. – The candidate for libertarian space governor, Carlos Igea, has officially introduced two women to join his list of candidates for next year’s elections. Among them is journalist Brenda Bokenez, who has extensive experience in communication in the public sphere. She will be the second candidate for the position of regional deputy, along with the already confirmed candidate, Guillermo Monzani who will head the list of representatives.

On the other hand, Cynthia Merino, a lawyer and activist active in the Libertarian Party for more than five years, will be the second candidate for council membership in the list that will take José Luis Artaza as a candidate for mayor in the capital Neuquén.

Igea pointed to the new additions and said, “We continue to compile our lists with people from work, who have never acted in politics, as we suggested from the beginning. Our team is made up of people who know and know the problems that people experience daily. Because we get there to improve the lives of neighbors and not sell them colored mirrors.” .

“They’re great integrators,” Iguya said regarding Pochinez and Merinho, adding, “They are mothers, they are workers, and they have clear ideas and goals that allow both the deliberative assembly and the provincial legislature to propose the changes needed so that the people of Neuquén can live better lives.”

For his part, Boqueñez considered it “a great honor to be part of the team that will lead Carlos (Iguya) to the position of governor.” At the same time, he added: “I have been touring the province for years, and I know the needs of the people firsthand, and for this reason I believe that the work of the legislature will be necessary to change the reality of many places.”

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Regarding her candidacy for membership of the council, Merino said, “It will be a great challenge and I am fully prepared for it,” she said. In addition, she noted that “I’ve been traveling the city for many years, I’m a libertarian space fighter, and now we’re consolidating ourselves as a very important force in Neuquen with the incorporation of Carlos Egea and that will undoubtedly make us great champions next year.”

“Neuquén is a city in constant growth, but this also means that we are ready to develop and progress, we cannot move forward without urban planning and infrastructure, and we are working on this together with the team and with José Luis Artaza to offer the best proposal for all residents,” said Merinho.

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