The Honduran consortium will invest $ 120 million in the Omova Marine Terminal

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The mayor of Omova, Cortes, welcomed Ricardo Alvarado New Marine Terminal To be built in that city; However, he said they did not agree to release the plan.

The National Congress (CN) Approved the order for the construction of a modern port maritime terminal Cruise ships, Ships, Merchant, Y Cabotage Investing in the port of Omoa Honduran At $ 120 million (L 2,800 million).

In the first phase, it is estimated that investors will create more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs.

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Investment from the private sector has exceeded $ 120 million.

The project has been in production since 2013, and they hope it will attract more travelers Omova.


Alvarado said, “This project opens the door for investment for the municipality Omova”.

“This is a project that has always been anticipated by all of us who want to have a port in Omova, let alone tourism and cabotage,” he commented.

“I think that’s it Excellent project The municipality has been around for centuries, but we have one thing to clarify: we agree to a $ 120 million investment because these people really need to work, ”he said.

“But there is an article National Congress Approved exonere All fees Tax, Rates and services, ”he said.

According to officials, tax incentives received by the federation as an incentive for investment and those established in the Law for the Promotion and Protection of Investments, Order 51-2011, specifically without exception, are established in Articles 32,33,34,35,40, 41 and 42.

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The mayor asks if this is not a released plan

The mayor of Omova said, “I think this is unrealistic because this investment will only benefit the municipality of Omoa, not just employment.”

“For this reason, we ask the fathers of the country, our friends, the delegates, to thoroughly review this agreement,” he said.

“We need an example Puerto Cortez, Which eventually reached 4% of revenue. Every municipality needs growth, but development is justified, ”he suggested.

“We agree that this cabotage dock will benefit the municipality for thousands upon thousands. I do not know how much at this time. Municipality In the case of tax collection, we will do so in accordance with the tax plan and municipal law, ”he said.

“I think it will be a very strong pay because it is a very strong pay, but we agree, I welcome the plan to the port of Omova,” he reiterated.

“The only thing is, if they’re going to do one Investment But it is personal, they have an obligation to pay taxes to the municipality, but only if it comes Released This means we are only going to be spectators, nothing more than that, ”he lamented.

“In fact, we have not had any meetings with them. We are waiting for them to reach an agreement. A mutual agreement should be drawn up in accordance with the law,” he suggested.


The concession agreement is 25 years from the concession, and the National Investment Council (CNI) was with the project.

CNI operates in collaboration with the Honduran Council of Private Enterprises (COHEP); Inter-American Development Bank (IDP); United States Development Agency (USAID) and Honduras National Tourism Room (Canada).

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According to Liberal Vice President Mauricio Vilda, “Buerto de Cortez has a direct responsibility to build a modern maritime terminal in Omova.”

Puerto Corts is the largest port in Central America, managed by another private group, Operatora Portuvia CentroAmericana (OPC).

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