The Greeks called them knives, and the Albanians called them shepherds

“And the Wallachians beyond the Danube, this Greeks I make fun of them, they are strangers.

I know business historians who have never heard of their presence.

They make up a large and numerous population and make up half of Thrace’s population and three-quarters of the population of Macedonia and Thessaly.

Many also live in Albania. They speak like their brethren throughout the Danube, but mix with many Greek words.

They did not come from Dacia by any means.

For 750 years they were called Vlach, and we find traces of their speech from the sixth century.

They call themselves Romanians or Romanians. The Greeks call them Vlach, but sometimes confuse them with the Arvanians.

Albanians I call them shepherds. They are still mostly nomads today.

But they also have solid residences, and most of the cities in Central Thrace, Macedonia and Thessaly are inhabited by Wallachians.

Johann Erich Dunman, born August 23, 1746, died December 17, 1778, is a Swedish linguist, historian and theologian.

He studied in Strongness and Uppsala, and then left Sweden to study at Graffswald.

Haley was a professor of philosophy at the University.

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