Video demo with Windows 10X and its key features is here; The new operating system escaped the web before its official introduction

Microsoft has announced Windows 10X As the operating system (folding) for two screen devices in 2019. However, last year, the giant changed its plans, announcing that this OS would be available on single-screen terminals as well. Prior to the official launch, the functional version of Windows 10X was leaked to the web. Thus, many users were able to install it on their computers. Windows Central Recently uploaded a video on YouTube showing all the features and functions of this operating system. Clip here:

Provides Windows 10X A new interface So far I have only seen it in captures. The biggest change in the taskbar is visible. One function that many users do in Windows 10 is to move their icons to the center. In Windows 10X, they are already centered. Another change Start menu, Which works just like the app drawer found on Android. Here you can find 15 apps currently in use, latest apps and a search bar. The file manager also gets modified compared to what we know in Windows 10, and all applications are booted and used by default in full screen mode. However, the system also has multitasking possibilities.

This operating system does not replace Windows 10. This is the simplest version for tablets and laptops or weaker PCs. Windows 10X does not support programs, games or files (.exe) that run on the basis of their applications and web versions. In practice, You want a competitor for Chrome OS or iPadOS.

Windows 10X will be pre-installed on devices that will be released later this year. In principle, it is designed for laptops with ARM processors. Low-end devices probably seem to embrace it, but I haven’t seen it successful yet. Chromebooks are not caught locally either. This time we are talking about a new system based on the Microsoft App Store, which is not very generous among us.

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