The head responds to people who say his body is undergoing surgery: video

Thala I showed up Dictoc Send a tough message to all followers Review Moreover, they claim that their body is not the result of the effort of daily work and practices Exercise But by going under the knife on various occasions to maintain an amazing figure for many years.

Singer Mexican It was able to continue despite being for many years, so it started to enter social networks as well, and Dictoc was the last to have its appearance. Here is the Actress Seems to be uploading a series of viral videos and various activities so that his fans can have fun with him.

But now she seemed to send an angry message showing that she was already there Fatigue His body is not due to all the exercises he does every day, but because he can pay a fee Doctor Keep her in excellent shape so she can show off all her outfits on stage and on social media.

Mexican actress “That girl is everything.” Fake, Removed Ribs He must have that big body “, because they promise to have removed the last two ribs he could see Spectacular In all your photos, keep your body longer without killing yourself while exercising.

Responding to these statements, Tala said, “Show me your workout. Show me. Sit down Lie in an armchair or on your own Bed? “, Said the singer, who edited the video for Diktock with a dramatic background music, a type of Mexican soap opera.

The video went viral immediately after being posted nearby 500 thousand likes and more than 16 thousand comments Within a day of my posting, opinions were different. Some are in favor of the singer, while others take up the subject of surgeries.

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What’s next for Tala

Now, translator of songs like “Amore a la Mexicana” can return to the tour of Alejandra Guzman, so fans should be prepared when confirming a new tour with two talented Mexican people, in addition to being aware of their social networks.


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