“The goal is to be a champion”


A quiet, very quiet, Mexican soccer player Carlos Albert Pena Rodriguez spoke for the first time as a player Life Sports Club From Honduras.

A day after his surprise signing was announced, the man known as “Gullit” admitted everything about what he expects from his new adventure in La Ceiba, where he already has an idea of ​​how his day with Cocotero will be. The club will be in the country next Wednesday, August 31.

“I am very happy to come to a historic team, we reached a good agreement; contribute my sand and go forward”, were the first words of the Aztec mixed midfielder to Hondusports Radio.

The Gullit To be “championed” by the red set. “I was motivated to come to Vida because of the program they have, I fell in love with it, and so did the fans … I wanted to have a little star in the team. They (the managers) are good people, the project has a vision and they are moving forward, which has always been the case in my life.

The Life He has a high population of good elements in midfield. Denis Melendez, Roger Saunders, Marcelo Canales, Rembrandt Flores and youngster Johan Centeno are playing in the same position as the 2014 Aztec World Cup in Brazil.

“As long as it’s a healthy competition, the team is going to rise, there’s no problem with that. It’s good to have quality players, the coach knows who to include, as long as they compete for rights, the slump will lift the team,” said Tuzos del Pachuca youth team, ex-Leon, Chivas, Cruz Azul said. , Necaxa and Rangers de Scotland.

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“I’m 32 years old, I’m not getting old, ha ha ha. I talked to the leader and they know I have no problem playing mixed or hindered. I am still young and still have more to give. Thank God, I have a lot of experience to teach the youngsters and they continue to learn from me as I have done in all the teams I have been in. In all the teams I’ve been in, I’ve always given everything and I’ve never held anything back,” Beena pointed out.

– His sporting career –

The Gullit He has worn 12 shirts in his 10-year career. His last two spells were at El Salvador’s FAS, where he captained and led them to the championship in 2021 after a nine-year drought.

His last club was eight months ago in Antigua Guatemala, where he came in as a fire extinguisher as the team flirted with relegation and with his coordination they shook off a poor streak until they reached the semi-final event.

– What do you know about Honduras and Vida? – They consulted with the former Mexican national team.

“A lot of people have contacted me through my social media… saying the visuals are good (laughs). I am very happy with all the reception, I have gone to play with the national team (from Mexico) in Honduras, they are interested in football, I will meet their expectations, God willing, things will go well for us. I am coming to a big team, with a lot of history and I know the responsibility of being at the club,” he says.

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El Gullit recalled playing in Honduras while defending the tricolor in the qualifiers for Brazil. “Fans giving their maximum and it was a very good team, as it should be. The competition was good, but it was very hot, yes”.

Regarding his health, sadness “I’m fine, I keep training and doing my thing,” he confirms. In addition, he bond, “For a year, but we all know that you can leave the team in six months.”

As for whether he thinks a good performance with Vida will lead to him getting another chance and returning to the national team, he was blunt in his answer: “The truth is, I’m not interested in that. I’m going to do good things with the team first, God, that’s all I can think about. Then time will tell,” he concluded.

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