Surprise! Nicaragua, leader of the Congolese Nations League and undefeated; Guatemala was complicated by the Gold Cup


Central American teams took action this Friday Concacaf Nations League Where they fight B-LeagueThe second type of competition.

Nicaragua Surprised at the start of the match with two wins and a draw, was in the lead Group c With seven units after the arrival of his new victory (0-2) Bahamas.

For nicknames, James Moreno (40 ‘) and Matthias Moldskred He scored more (90 + 1 ‘) than teams like Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

On the other hand, Guatemala It was complicated in Group D as the Dominican Republic did not reach a 1-1 draw on home soil; Oscar Sandis equalized the competition for Mexican-led neighbors Luis Fernandez Dena.

The Creams They fell to Belize after their debut with a defeat against French Guiana and are now third in their group.

The 4th will take place on Monday and will be the same as today’s matches. Team Leaders in B-League Rising A-League And automatically qualifies for the 2023 Gold Cup.

Second places will play in the playoffs, entering the maximum selection tournament in the region. The second round of League B ends next March.

Table of positions in League B

Group a

1. Cuba, 6 points (+4)

Two. Guadeloupe, 6 points (+1)

3. Antigua and Barbuda 6 points (0)

Four. Barbados, 0 points

B Group

1. Guyana, 6 points

Two. Haiti, 4 points

3. Bermuda Shorts, 1 points

Four. Montserrat, 0 points

Group c

1. Nicaragua7 points

Two. Trinidad and Tobago, 6 points

3. Bahamas, 3 points

Four. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 1 point

Team d

1. French Guiana, 7 points

Two. Dominican Republic, 4 points (+1)

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3. Guatemala4 points (0)

Four. Belize, 1 pt

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