The Funniest TV star and Our Famous creator Phil Rosenthal’s Father Max Rosental was passed away at 95

Our lovable character Rosenthal performs the recurring role on ‘Raymond’ and it runs from 1996 to 2005. He is not only performing this character but also he is appearing in Phil’s unscripted PBS series, Netflix series, and more. So, he is not new to the series and he also had the experience of acting in the series. Everyone knows that Max Rosenthal is the father of Philip Rosenthal and his son is the creator of the ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ series. Unfortunately, his father died at the age of 95. Phil Rosenthal is a very active person on social media pages. Last Sunday, it was announced that his father Max Rosental passed away last night.

Max Rosenthal, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Actor, Dies at 95 - News Break

He shared this information on his Instagram page. Yes, this news is heartbroken news for everyone and all stars are sharing their sadness on their social media pages. He is so grateful for our grandpa, dad, our favorite. Furthermore, he was one of the funniest TV stars and a kind-hearted person.

Most people are surprised to hear about his age. Yes, he is a role model for how to live for 95 years. He was such a gentle, compassionate, kind, and really funny person. Most people are saying that he is the most influential person in many people’s lives. His son also shared that he knows how sad this news is for everyone and he is sad with all of us today. Last week our Phil paid tribute to his father Max at the father’s day celebration. And in this story, he was describing that his father is one of the best examples of his life and he learns more things from his father. He continues that his father is 95 but still he is the hero for him because of his generous, kind, sweet, and funniest behavior. He also shared his love with his father. Nobody can replace his place in the media.

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Last year he shared that he had more happiness working with his father and also he is expressing his happiness for his father displayed in every episode of season 4. The Netflix story also follows Phil for his travels as he tastes the cuisine for every visited country. Talking about Phil’s mother. She is named Helen Rosenthal and she also appeared for the two seasons of that show. But his mother also passed away in the year 2019. Rosenthal’s other credits also include the Tall time Tales and Set set spike in 1992.



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